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A sustainable future is what drives us

We care deeply about the UN's 17 sustainable development goals and want to empower leaders, investors and advisors that pursue these goals in an innovative and meaningful way.

We are fully committed to conform with and exceed ESG standards with all of our business practices across the world.

Through our OnePurpose Foundation*, 25% of our total annual profits will be invested into caritative sustainability projects worldwide each year.

We are here to empower you

OnePurpose is all about you and your fellow community members. We work day and night to provide you with the tools necessary to meet the right people at the right time and succeed in shaping a more sustainable business and industry. But ultimately, all network members personally are the ones to make a difference. The amount of positive impact on the world through this platform is up to you. We can only implore you to be as responsive and respectful in providing value to the community as you would like others to be. Relationships by default are a deeply personal thing. We can create windows of opportunity for you but you must chose if and how to seize them.

It's all about impact

We strive to get to the essence of what provides true value to our clients every day. We don't care about the bells and whistles of traditional, premium white-collar services. We care about what your challenge is, who you need on your team to overcome it and how we can help you find that person to get her or him on board. If you believe we could be doing a better job, let us know and help us build the platform that creates most value to you.

Integrity & Security

We take the confidentiality of your data and security of your privacy extremely seriously. All conversations with you or interactions between members of the platform are secured by high standard safety measures and the content is only privy to the respective participants of the conversation. All members of the platform are qualified and screened through personal onboarding conversations and an authentication process. Should you at any time have doubts about data integrity or individual community members, direct access to our support teams will ensure that appropriate measures are taken.

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