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Is a vision of what high impact networks should be today.

Our mission is to empower the people who change the world. We connect the leading minds and drivers in the ESG ecosystem in order to facilitate know-how and bridge the gab towards a more tangible sustainable transformation methodology for everyone.

We care deeply about finding the people to help you tackle the challenges that are unique to your business' sustainability journey. Like yourself, leaders across the globe are pushing the boundaries of their domains every single day. It is time to supercharge these efforts and liberate your access to the most impactful ideas, talents & funding worldwide.

Join our digital sustainable leaders platform and tap into our leading network of ESG Professionals, Subject Matter Experts and Policy Makers. Connect, share ideas and grow your network within a qualifed, secure & innovative Peer2Peer space. Benefit from bespoke events and personal discussions with senior peers across Europe. Cut through the noise and work together to move forward.

Besides our network platform, we help Executives, business owners and investors put sustainable value creation first by staffing their senior ESG teams, facilitating knowledge exchange and building strategic networks for future growth.

OnePurpose is your gateway to executive knowhow, human capital and funding in the ESG world. All in one place and at your fingertips. Partner with us and lead the transformation instead of following it.


Made exclusively for sustainability professionals.

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  • We empower the people that change the world by providing open and targeted access to the most impactful Ideas, talent & funding globally
  • Through our unique AI & matching mechanism, we combine personal, high quality service and state of the art technology to deliver you a personalized ESG network which is fully tailored to your specific business needs.
  • OnePurpose allows our members (i.e. Founders, Investors or business leaders), to identify and connect with likeminded peers, high quality investors and best-in class executives, all pre-qualified to share a fitting motivation and relevant track-records in your field of interest
  • OnePurpose provides the infrastructure of the B2B Platform, as well as ensuring and maintaining the integrity and quality of the ecosystem by direct business development, onboarding and support
  • All members of the exclusive platform are pre-qualified and are able to join by personal invitation only, or by applying through an “independent panel of experts” (internal at the beginning).
  • The platform offers users the ability to significantly extend their relevant professional network in order to raise or invest capital, find future business partners, professionalize their management/advisory teams or source specialized service providers.
  • It's easy, we have a 3 step application process which makes sure all of our members are fully vetted and qualify to the high standards that we have set for the OnePurpose Community.
  • Step 1: simply APPLY via our Website ("Join the Platform" Button), or reach out to us personally. Please take a few minutes to fill out the personal details form and answer a few questions. This allows us to understand who you are and how the platform can meet your needs.
  • Step 2: Let's talk. We would love to get to know you during a personal conversation and understand how we can help you best. This step serves both to verify your identity and to make sure that you will get the most out of your Network membership. Let's go! Welcome to the leading ESG Network that will literally change the world. After the onboarding process you will get immediate access to the exclusive OnePurpose Network and our members. A combination of personal exchange with our team and our digital client interface will let you assess potential partners, build relationships that bring your forward, or update your personal needs & profile in real time.
  • Engaging with other Users: You can indicate your interest to engage with another user via his or her profile via the engage button and can add a personal message outlining your motivation. This user will automatically receive a notification of your indicated interest and can chose to accept, reject or hold your request. The same is true in reverse, i.e. you are notified of any other user in the network who is interested to engage with you.
  • Successful matches: Given a shared interest to connect, you are successfully matched and two things take place. Firstly the newly matched individual is added to your personal network and secondly a secure and direct chat channel is opened between you. The encrypted channel allows you to safely and conveniently engage with the other party, exchange documents and at a later stage use tools such as video calls or automated scheduling of meetings.
  • Support, Queries or Technical Problems: You can engage with our customer success managers around the world.